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Double Car Garage Door

There is no doubt about the functionality of 2-car garage doors. And so, it’s not accidental that many customers turn to us to get a double-car garage door in Ajax, Ontario. If this is what you intend to do as well, don’t hesitate to call our company. Are you in the process of building your home and would like a 2-car overhead door installed? Do you have two single garage doors and like them converted into a bigger two-car door? Have no worries. We are here for conversions and double garage door repair services too. You just call us with your needs.Double Car Garage Door Ajax

For two single to one double-car garage door Ajax conversion, call us

If you like an Ajax double-car garage door, just let us know. In most cases, people want to convert the two smaller garage doors into a one bigger door that will easily fit two cars. We offer solutions to such concerns and send a tech to take measurements before anything else. The size of your garage and your personal requirements determine the size of the double garage doors. We offer the standard double garage door sizes but also custom solutions if you want to fit an RV. So don’t worry about such things. Simple call our Ajax garage door repair company.

The two to one garage door conversion is done to perfection

No 2 to 1 garage door conversion is easy. It takes thorough measuring, excellent planning, and experts for the job. But you should worry about nothing. We dispatch pros with great experience in the field and hundreds of similar jobs under their belt. Not only do they do the job in a proper way but in accordance with all safety standards and building requirements too. Put your mind at ease by knowing that our company offers top quality double car garage doors in various styles and designs. No matter which size you want, we will offer many solutions among beautiful designs so that you will enjoy function but high aesthetics too. Do you want the existing single garage doors gone? Call us and the two-car garage doors will be installed before you know it.

If you need double-car garage door repair, contact us today

Do you need double-car garage door repair? If you already have a big door but the springs are broken, the opener must be replaced, or the tracks are bent, call us. You can rely on our company for fast repairs and be sure that the techs carry the correct parts to replace the damaged and broken cables, tracks, or springs. If you are in need of Ajax double-car garage door service, just dial our number.

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