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Garage Door Repair Ajax

Electric Garage Door

Don’t take risks with your electric garage door in Ajax, Ontario. If it doesn’t work right, your convenience won’t be your only concern. Your overhead door works with an electric opener and so its movement depends on the motor. If the motor’s gears, sprockets, or wires are damaged, it won’t function. Problems get nightmarish when they relate to the reverse system. All it takes is a problem with the sensors and you won’t have the right protection. The sensors won’t activate the reverse mechanism if they are dirty, disconnected, or misaligned. These are a few of the reasons why we offer fast electric garage door repair in Ajax.Electric Garage Door Ajax

Expert electric garage door installation

But Ajax Garage Door Repair can also help you when you want to buy a new opener or replace the existing door. And you won’t need us just for the service. Today, there are many types of openers but the ideal one for you will be the one which meets the requirements of your door. So whether you replace the door or not, its weight and size are both important for selecting the right motor. And then it’s the installation of the opener. The right position of the sensors and proper setting of the door’s force and travel limit are extremely vital. Without the right adjustments, the door won’t perform, open or close right. During electric garage door installation, we focus on such details to ensure excellent operation.

Call us now for opener repair service

Since your safety highly depends on the protection opener system, we’ll be there to provide electric garage door opener repair as soon as you need us. Misaligned photo eyes? Damaged release cord? Loose chain? We do the required adjustments and repair work to ensure proper, safe, and accurate performance. Our techs offer same day repair but are also at your disposal for routine inspections and electric door opener service. By checking, adjusting, fixing, lubricating, and aligning opener and other parts of your Ajax electric garage door regularly, we make sure of its functionality and your safety. Call us for services today.

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