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Garage Door Repair Ajax

Garage Door Springs Repair

Need broken spring repair? You can always count on the services offered by our local company in Ajax, Ontario. We are experts in residential springs of all types and offer emergency assistance. At our Ajax Garage Door Repair, we understand the trouble broken or loose springs can cause and that’s why we help our customers in timely fashion. You can rely on us for both extension and torsion spring services, whether you are in need of replacement, installation, repair or adjustment.Garage Door Springs Repair Ajax

Fast spring repairs in Ajax

Your torsion or extension springs do most of the work. They are not considered the most valuable parts of the door for nothing. Due to their tension the door moves up and stays open, and then lowers down without crashing on the floor. Although the two types of springs work in a slightly different way, they both do the same thing. As the coils of the extension springs extend and contract and the coils of the torsion springs wind and unwind, the door moves. If springs don’t function well, the door might not close well. If they are broken, the door won’t move from the floor. Rest assured that we offer fast extension and torsion spring repair to all customers in Ajax.

Want to replace the broken torsion spring? Contact us

Springs lose tension overtime. In this case, you will need the assistance of our technicians. With our fast garage door springs repair Ajax services, we ensure the door’s good and safe operation. We provide spring adjustment and depending on the problem we can add or release tension. Is your spring broken? Depend on our fast response service. Our professionals help you as fast as possible, can bring the garage door spring replacement, and install it whenever it works fine for you.

We replace both extension springs

When it comes to extension springs, we replace both of them to ensure proper door balance. Our technicians can also install safety cables to your extension spring system to protect you from accidents. Whether your springs are broken or not, they can be replaced by our team. If you suspect problems with the springs and want garage door spring repair, do ask our assistance.

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